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What Awaits (Send It/Kinetics)
What Awaits (Send It/Kinetics)

What Awaits (Send It/Kinetics)

Texas 144.1

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17th and 18th century pirate lore and maritime history provide the inspiration for this ensign. Pirate flags in nature were designed to strike fear into a target and drive home a simple, distinct and unmistakable message.

Pirates, many former navy seaman were well versed in the effects of weaponry and what various "shot" and weaponry were capable of. They chose their implements according to the mission at hand - today it's no different.

"What Awaits" - As with most pirate ensigns the symbols depicted conveyed the message at hand.

"Send It" - a popular phrase among those who practice in the art of the rifle will provide ample context and a link between past and present symbolism/thought process.

"Kinetics" or the study of motion and the causes/effects.

The Black Flag was historically used to depict combat and the Red Flag - No Quarter.