White Plains Flag
White Plains Flag

White Plains Flag

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Highly detailed morale patch depicting the flag of the Battle of White Plains (NY) in 1776. This flag is a bit personal to us we lived in White Plains, NY for many years.

Overview of the Battle of White Plains

The Battle of White Plains took place on Monday, October 28, 1776 at White Plains, New York and followed the escape of George Washington and his troops from Charleston at the Battle of Sullivan's Island. It was a difficult time for Washington as many oh his soldiers were returning to their homes after the previous fighting at the Battle of Long Island. For nearly a month Washington had rested with the main body of his army on Harlem Heights building fortifications and assessing the movements of the British under the leadership of General Sir William Howe. The British and American forces met in battle at the village of White Plains under General Howe and General George Washington. The 13,000 British and Hessians were ranged against 14,500 Americans although only around 4,000 on each side were actually engaged in the Battle of White plains. The Americans were encamped behind entrenchments just north of the village of White Plains with hills at their rear if a retreat became necessary. 1600 militia from Delaware and Maryland under Colonel Haslett were positioned on Chatterton's hill, on the west side of the Bronx. Howe's soldiers constructed a basic bridge across the Bronx to take the steep Chatterton's Hill. The British were successful in forcing an American retreat from White Plain village. Some of the Americans headed across New Jersey to the southern side of the Delaware River. George Washington sent the other part of his army to secure the Highlands of the Hudson. The British returned to Manhattan to attack Fort Washington and the American garrison on Manhattan. The scene was set for the Battle of Fort Washington.

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  • 3x2"
  • Woven
  • Hook backing
  • Remastered release: 06/20/2020

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