Trace The Tree
Trace The Tree
Trace The Tree

Trace The Tree

Texas 144.1

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Two patch uses the cross from our legacy design The Standard with a twist.

The lyrics from 'Bleed Season' by Project 86 contain 2 specific lines:

"Trace the tree and the veil will flee me
And now I see with salty eyes"

One can take these lyrics and try to visualize what is may look like. When we look up upon the cross, our walls, our veils come down and off. We can see clearly. The eyes of our hearts are opened. Our eyes are filled with tears (salt) as a result of what was done on that Cross for us. (This is out interpretation). 

  • 2 Patch set
  • 2x3"
  • Woven
  • Hook Backing
  • Release 2/16/2023