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Scales of Justice Vinyl Decal
Scales of Justice Vinyl Decal

Scales of Justice Vinyl Decal

Texas 144.1

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A prototype vinyl decal of our next theme in our Ensign collection.

The design is based off the traditional red, black and white found on known and theoretical pirate ensigns as well as their use of blood drop. The crude looking scale borrows from the idea of the ensign it self being crudely made aboard a ship with the actual scale being cut from white cloth or canvas.

The scale being tipped is loosely based off Daniel 5:27.

Each one will be unique and will have slight differences. This is due to the two color transfer process.

For best results, peel back solid backing slowly. Make sure window is cool and clean. apply decal, smooth out then peel translucent sheet off real slowly. Apply downward pressure at all times behind where you're peeling back.