Rise and Rise Again

Rise and Rise Again

Texas 144.1

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A popular quote from not only the movie "Robin Hood". Only 50 of this design will be produced.

Never, ever give up, no matter what may be in front of you. This quote is so fitting for the day and time we live in.

"When asked by Little John and Will Scarlet what this saying meant, Robin Hood explained something akin to Winston Churchhill, and to our American founding fathers. It means never give up for the cause of liberty, never, ever give up. Rise, and rise again, until the docile lambs become conquering lions.

While this is not a quote from the Bible, there are some spiritual overtones about perseverance, and fighting the good fight. Get a little deeper and you could think about the cause of liberty and how it is worthy for one to lay down his life for it. In the movie, Robin Hood’s father died in defense of it. In the Bible, Jesus Christ lays down his life so that all mankind could be set free, i.e., set at liberty (Isaiah 61:1)." - Source

  • 3.5x2"
  • Woven
  • Hook backing
  • Release: 11/14/21