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Resolute/Steadfast Typography Set
Resolute/Steadfast Typography Set

Resolute/Steadfast Typography Set

Texas 144.1

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A two-patch set using elegant typography with two words: Resolute & Steadfast. These words both have powerful meanings. They're based off our Steadfast 2020 & RESOLUTE designs.

Resolute: Bold, Determined, Unwavering.
Steadfast: Firmly loyal or constant; unswerving. synonym: faithful. | Fixed or unchanging | Fixed or unmovable.

The Card: The art backer for this set is a famous photo of a sole man NOT raising his arm with the Nazi salute. That man is reported to have been August Landmesser. Learn more here (wikipedia).

2020 has shown us we need to be both of these. On a personal level, it's even more true. 

Remain RESOLUTE & remains STEADFAST.

  • 3x1.25" each
  • Embroidered
  • Hook backing
  • Release: 10/14/2020