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Hanover Associators

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Patriotic citizens are typically aware of the dates that stick out in history regarding the Revolutionary War.  July 4, 1776 (the Declaration of Independence) and April 19, 1775 (Battles of Lexington and Concord) certainly come to most people's minds relative to the days in the late 1700's that changed the world.  These famous dates stand out because they culminate in remarkable events that eventually helped bring about the United States of America, the best and most prosperous country to have ever existed.

But what is lost in the historical weeds are other events upon which these dates were built.  Dates like December 16, 1773 (the Boston Tea Party) or March 5, 1770 (the Boston Massacre) are as important as Independence Day. This is because events like these either heightened the tension between the British crown and the colonies or served as lines in the sand that Americans drew as they asserted their God given liberties from an increasingly tyrannical government.  Another of these important dates treasured by history is June 4, 1774.

‘Associators’ were a unique type of volunteer group of colonists in Maryland and Pennsylvania which were similar to militias. One key difference, however, was that their members were exempt from conscription into regular military service. With this autonomy, the groups essentially became partisans – militarily equipped citizens opposed to occupation by a foreign power.  The Hanover Associators made this opposition quite clear on June 4, 1774. And by clear we mean, crystal clear. At their incorporation that summer day, they resolved “…that that in the event of Great Britain attempting to force unjust laws upon us by strength of arms, our cause we leave to Heaven and our rifles”.  

This defiance of tyrants captured in their resolution was succinctly translated to their flag adorning the words “Liberty or Death” on a bright yellow banner amidst a red field. It enshrined the ever growing feeling of resistance among the colonists and strengthened their resolve to act when the time came. The image of the man on the flag is at the ‘high ready’ position with a rifle – there is no doubt about the threat in these Lancaster County, Pennsylvania patriots’ minds.  With this spirit so pervasive in the colonies, is it any wonder then so many people later came from many miles to help at Lexington and Concord and then Bunker Hill?  The cascading waves of pleas for liberty eventually reached the sandy shores of tyranny as the tide of freedom rolled in.  The Hanover Associators were among the waves that eventually swept the beach.

Add our Hanover Associators Flag patch to your collection as you make clear your views on tyrants who unjustly impose their will upon a people destined and born to be free. 

Designers Note: This was built from the ground up. Elements were created based on literature, culture/dress at the time. and other artist depictions. Some creative license was taken during the design process. Future release may have visual tweaks in the design. 

  • 3x2"
  • Woven for amazing detail
  • Hook backing
  • Re-release: 8/25/2021 (r1)

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