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The Gadsden Flag
The Gadsden Flag

The Gadsden Flag

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Christopher Gadsden, an American patriot that led the Sons of Liberty in South Carolina is credited in presenting the flag to the Continental Congress. In 1775 the new US Navy was given its first mission. Five companies of marines were approved and enlisted on help the navy carry out this mission. Upon enlisting these marines, Gadsden noticed that some of the marines we’re carrying drums that were yellow with a snake on them. Below the snake was the motto “Don’t tread on me”. Historians state that Benjamin Franklin then helped Gadsden with the design of a flag to represent the commander of the US navy.Thus the Gadsden Flag was born. The flag was presented to the Continental Congress in 1775. 

About the Flag

The yellow color was elegant and bold. The rattlesnake on the flag is a Timber Rattler. Ben Franklin chose a timber rattler because it is only found in America. The rattlesnake has 13 rattles on its tail to represent the 13 colonies. The timber rattler also is a animal that never initiates a fight but never backs away either. The timber rattler will also never surrender.

As far as the slogan”Don’t tread on me” it’s still unknown of who exactly said it first but it fitting in retrospect. Signifying a warning to others that if you start a fight we will finish it attitude. The flag also evolved into two other variations used by the US Navy but the Gadsden Flag remains The first. The yellow flag is still flown by many individuals today and still sends a message symbolizing a warning to others that our freedom will not be messed with.

  • 3x2"
  • Woven
  • Hook backing
  • Released: 5/12/2020