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De Zavala - First Flag of the Republic 1836
De Zavala - First Flag of the Republic 1836
De Zavala - First Flag of the Republic 1836

De Zavala - First Flag of the Republic 1836

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The flag that has caused the most confusion is called the “De Zavala Flag” named for the first Provisional Vice President of the Republic of Texas, Lorenzo de Zavala. He is said to have proposed that the letters of T E X A S be added to the national standard during the convention held at Washington-on-the-Brazos which began on March 1, 1836. The Washington Convention records mention many conflicting comments about the design of the first proposed flag, but there is no evidence that this flag was ever made or flown, and in fact there is no mention in the records of the convention that Lorenzo de Zavala made such a motion.[iii] Some historians say that portions of the records of the 1836 convention are missing, and this is why Lorenzo de Zavala is not mentioned as making such a motion in the convention records. However, another member of the convention, Charles Taylor, did make such a motion. The members of the convention must have considered at least one of the early flags flown in Texas as the national standard, regardless of whether or not the flag was official or not. However, the “De Zavala Flag,” a blue flag with the five-pointed white star in the middle and the letters T E X A S spelled out around the points of the star has become one of the more well-known and displayed historic flags in modern day Texas, and in fact this flag is considered by most people to have been the first official Republic of Texas flag. A similar flag, without the letters of T E X A S was the flag of West Florida in 1810, when the citizens of Baton Rouge revolted against Spanish rule in West Florida. This was the first known flag to use a single five-pointed star as a lone star symbol for independence and was probably the inspiration for our “Lone Star Flag” in Texas some 25 years later.

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This flag has become known as the first official Flag of the Republic of Texas, accepted by the March, 1836 convention that drafted the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico and the original Texas Constitution. Notable Tejano patriot Lorenzo de Zavala is the credited designer of this “Lone Star National Flag of The Republic of Texas.” No known surviving replica of the flag exists. It is believed to be a five-point white star on a blue field with the letters “T E X A S” inscribed between the points.

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For best results, peel the packing of VERY SLOWLY, stopping at each letter/branch to ensure it transfers over properly. This is a very detailed decal and patience is required for installation.

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