George Orwell's Animal Farm Flag

George Orwell's Animal Farm Flag

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Our Take.

Based off George Orwell's novel - Animal Farm, The flag represents the goals of the rebellion - according "Snowball", a pig who leads the uprising against Mr. Jones. Equality for all animals is the dream represented  by the flag made out of an old, green table cloth (which represents the green fields of England) and the Republic of Animals represented by the white hoof and horn in the corner. He hoped the flag would fly all over every farm in Britain one day showing free reign among the animals. 

Whether you admire Snowball’s engineering, enjoy the poetry of ‘Beasts of England’, or simply love anything and everything Orwell, this flag patch is a piece of nostalgia that you will cherish. 

The message and the story of Animal Farm, the concept, the prophecy, the genius of it. This is more relevant to our present day and time than any other in history.

Obtain a copy of the book (Amazon)

  • 3x2”
  • Embroidery/twill
  • hook backing
  • Release: 08/04/2020 (v1)

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