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Washington's Cruisers

Washington's Cruisers

Texas 144.1

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A symbol of growing popularity, and one that wave above my own property. An Appeal to Heaven has serious significance in the history of this country.

Some Specific History
The Continental Army was surrounding Boston in the late spring of 1775. The British Army was trapped inside the city. George Washington arrived to take command on July 3rd. He believed he needed to be able to attack the British from the sea as well as on land, so he began to commission some ships and fitted them out of his own pocket. The Congress in Philadelphia was nervous about forming a navy at this point because they did not want to offend the British, but Washington thought it was a necessity so he did it himself. Their mission was to prevent British ships from delivering much needed supplies to the army in Boston. On September 2nd, General Washington hired the first ship, the schooner Hannah, owned by the parents of Colonel John Glover. Washington hired Glover who served admirably throughout the war. He was the organizer of the Marblehead Regiment that ferried General Washington across the Delaware to his victories at Princeton and Trenton. The Hannah was soon run aground, but Washington commissioned six more schooners, Franklin, Hancock, Lynch, Washington, Lee and Harrison, all of which wreaked havoc on British shipping for the next year.

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  • 3x2"
  • Woven
  • Hook backing
  • Remastered Release: 01/07/2021