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A Short and Merry Life - Bart Roberts Ensign

A Short and Merry Life - Bart Roberts Ensign

Texas 144.1

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Robert's was an 18th Century pirate and known to be one of the most successful, and cruelest. He was also a Teetotaler. Some info... "Roberts was, however, a man of contradiction. He led his men in both positive and negative activities always setting the example. He was highly organized, and charismatic but he was also pious. He was daring but could also at times be very ruthless. Black Bart was known for having created the most famous set of pirate rules which determined how his vessels operated and how his crew was to behave. He created these rules because of a betrayal he suffered at the hands of one of his men." Read More...


Bartholomew Roberts on Wikipedia

- 3x2"
- Woven for amazing detail
- Hook Backing