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IC/XC - Christ Conquers
IC/XC - Christ Conquers
IC/XC - Christ Conquers
IC/XC - Christ Conquers
IC/XC - Christ Conquers

IC/XC - Christ Conquers

Texas 144.1

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“O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” 

I Corinthians 15:55 / King James Bible 

Perspective. In all aspects of life, the appropriate paradigm is crucial to having confidence in one’s plans and endeavors.  Without perspective, setbacks and trials can lead to doubts in oneself, doubts in others, doubts in God. If one does not have a long term, eternal vision, the events of this life can easily be overwhelming.  Cynicism, fear, and apathy creep in.  A lack of perspective is no way for any leader of any level of mankind to live and think, from mothers and fathers to presidents and kings.  That there is one who has conquered death and will yet put an end to all things evil, helps keep things in perspective no matter our battles on earth. 

“IC” and “XC” are the first and last letters of the Greek and Slavonic words for Jesus and Christ, respectively.  “NIKA” is a Slavonic form of the Greek word for conqueror or victory.  This abbreviated lettering and wording is thought to have been inspired by Constantine I’s victory at the Battle of Milvian Bridge in 312AD.  Before the battle, Constantine and his soldiers were given a vision of inscribing the name or abbreviation of Christ upon their shields to which they submitted. Their subsequent win over the Roman Emperor Maxentius put Constantine I on the path to conversion to Christianity and his success with worldly endeavors in the Roman Empire set the stage for Christianity’s expansion across the world.   

The lettering of “IC XC NIKA” laid over a cross in quadrant format easily delivers the imagery and true message that “Jesus Christ Conquers”.  The phrase and iconic symbol is well known throughout Christendom and is directly visible many facets of the Eastern Orthodox Church. 

The imagery today not only serves as a historical reminder of Christ’s intervention in earthly matters to bring about His kingdom, but more importantly it serves to remind the viewer that He has overcome the world in all things eternal. Most importantly, He has overcome death and because of Him we will live again. 

Regardless of the arrows the world will fling, this simple phrase can bring peace amidst turmoil.  What is there to fear if Jesus Christ has conquered death and will yet conquer all evil?  What greater perspective can we have than that? 

Add our Christ Conquers patch to your collection to show your determination - to calm the soul, focus the mind, and energize the heart in a world of chaos and sin. 

PVC Ranger Eye 

  • 1x1"
  • PVC
  • Hook Backing
  • Release: 2/16/2023