New Shipping Options

We're hearing customers tell us their orders are being 'delivered' but are never in their mailbox. This is happening to us as well on a business and personal level. 

We've offered USPS First Class shipping for years as a cost effective way to 'reliably" get your order form us to you, but it doesn't seem so reliable anymore. So, starting 10/30/21 we're offering USPS Priority as an option as well as UPS Ground. UPS Ground is new for us so we're hoping it works well and increases reliability. Sadly, it's expensive. 

For both USPS Priority and UPS Ground the rate is $10.00 flat per package. This price takes in their holiday 'surge' pricing and should lessen after the new year. 

We're holding the line on price for USPS First Class despite the cost to us going up almost 20% with the holidays.

International Customers are stuck with USPS Priority or 'kamakazi' no tracking options.