Middle Earth Pre-Orders and release information

The response to the first two releases of Middle Earth (Kingdom of Rohan and Gondor) exceeded expectations many times over. We thank you for the kind words and the strong response to what is an amazing theme we're tapping into.

Kingdom of Rohan Pre-Order & Release 1B

So, There is a pre-order for The Kingdom of Rohan... we were expecting is to arrive around 4/20/2021, but its taking more time. We're aiming for 4/27/2021 on those. We as always appreciate your patience. After pre-orders are filled a small lot will be released for purchase. The original run sold out in record time so you'll have to be Johnny on the Spot to snag one.

Kingdom of Gondor - Release 2B

Another production run is underway with an expected release of early May.

Rohirrim Banner 1 - Release 3

We've had this tease up for a while, but expect the release sometime during the week of 4/26/2021.

Be sure to be subscribed to our mailing list as all Middle Earth releases will be dropping via that channel - not our social media feeds.