It's been 8 Years

Time flies! While we're not huge on celebrations and fanfare, it's neat take a look back on the last 8 years since we went hot on an idea dropped our first patch - The Resistor. 

We now have a catalog of historical flags to which there is no rival. Most have been re-created from images of the actual originals others, through research, historical accounts and customer assistance. Either way, they're painstakingly re-created to fit a medium that is oftentimes very hard to work with.


We've expanded beyond the historical and original design categories with Middle Earth, Peanuts and our Parody product lines - all of which have been well received. 

The growth - a metric which we approach with humility is a direct result of you, the customer. Little did we know the chords that would be struck with many of our historic flags. Reading stories of how ancestors/relatives marched and fought under this flag or that flag is common and so appreciated. Our faith-based designs, most rooted with a historical perspective carry the same weighted feedback. Whether you're a Middle Earth fan group in the UK, a military unit deployed overseas, museum, event, business or mutual aid group - we've had you covered. Thank you!

Costs for everything have gone up and we've worked hard to hold the line and always charge a fair price for our products. This has been a goal of ours since day one. In many instances what you would have paid for an item in 2018, you'd probably pay the same for today. Shipping costs are the exception to this of course and we had to reluctantly raise our Shipping fees for the first time in many years just this past January.

Our social media "game" is pretty pathetic in comparison to others. We approach is as a tool and seek to keep it void of drama and "look at me, look at me" content. We like to laugh and have fun while working, and you'll see that in our content from time to time.

Going Forward...

We're experimenting with new ideas and product lines all the time, so keep your eyes peeled, be subscribed to our email blast and follow us on Instagram and Facebook (if you are into that stuff). We tend to drop bombs w/o prior warning.


Established 2016 / To the End

For our 8 year anniversary, we're going to be giving away 100 of our 144.1 Coin patched - modeled after 17th century Spanish Real's which were turned into "pieces of 8", commonly used by pirates for currency. FREE with purchase. One will be added to each order in the month of May while supplies last!

Thanks for 8 successful years and we look forward to many more!

Patch is 1.5” wide and has hook backing.