In Production, Release Schedules and more

We get asked a lot about re-stocks and new items, so here are the re-stocks in production as of 05/14/2021:

  • 11 Miss 
  • Saint Augustine Blues
  • 20th Texas
  • Multicam Bedford Flag
  • Mercer Flag
  • Continental Flag
  • Washington's Position Flag (Standard)
  • Gadsden Flag (Black)
  • Continental Flag (Standard)
  • Kingdom of Rohan
  • Rohirrim Banner

In-house production

  • Nazarene Mk2 (Est 5/21/21)

New Items in the works

  • New Orleans Greys
  • First Pennsylvania Regiment (Remaster)
  • Texas 144.1 (2021)
  • War Hand PVC

The 2nd release of APIS is slated for end of May. 

Due to the increasingly erratic nature of production and shipping logistics, we've stopped offering pre-orders on all items.