Helping The People of Ukraine

So many have asked us how they can help...

 The nation of Ukraine and the people are near and dear to the hearts of the 144.1 family. We've been in contact with friends there and finding out how to help. 

One way.... right now is monetarily through Shade for Children who work with the orphanages in that country. The orphanages are poorly funded and now they're seeing even more cut backs. We have dear friends working under this charity banner out there right now.

Shade for Children Website

Also, there are others doing good work out there, but not under a charity umbrella. We're trying to figure out the best way to help.

These people are taking in and helping the refugees coming from the east.

Money is tight out there and there are withdrawal caps so we're not sure how well it'll work...

But...We plan to give a portion of proceeds of sales going forward (as of 2/25/2022) to help those out there.


 James 2:14-18