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Domestic/International Shipping Updates

Since the summer 2021, we've been getting a few emails a month from customers who's USPS tracking information says "Delivered" but they never got their order. This is now become a larger issue which has even effected the 144.1 crew personally.

In some instances, the customers got the package weeks after it was marked delivered. Other's got calls from neighbors because of the package was delivered to the wrong box.

This issue is out of our hands and I don't want to sound like a meme, but your packages are in God's hands right now. Please don't ask us where your order is or why is it being delayed or blame us for what the USPS feels is appropriate business behavior.

Australia Customers

We cannot ship you right now.

This is due to their insane handling of the.... 5 cases of COVID you have in your country. 

The USPS is blocking shipment creation to your country unless we go with some $50+ shipping options. Quite frankly we cannot justify that kind of expense to our customers. 

All pending orders will be held for now as we hope for a resolution to this issue soon.