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Sixth Louisiana

Sixth Louisiana

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Recreation based on this flag @ the Confederate Museum in Louisiana

Synopsis provided by the 6th Louisiana Infantry

The 6th Louisiana infantry was organized on June 2nd 1861 at Camp Moore Louisiana. The regiment provided 10 companies 7 from New Orleans 3 from surrounding parishes. The 6th Louisiana was the most thoroughly Irish regiment to come from New Orleans. Out of the 980 known listed birthplaces at least 468 men were born in Ireland. Another 100 were sons of Irish immigrants. In addition there was 123 born in Germany and 73 from other countries. The "Orleans Rifles" were mustered in as Company H. Their flag would become the regimental flag.

The 6th Louisiana was assigned to the 1st Louisiana Brigade which was part of General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson's Corp. Serving in every major engagement of the Army of Northern Virginia. Only 4 officers and 48 men were present at Appomattox. The only account of the regiments History was wrote by Major William H. Manning while in the trenches of Petersburg, Virginia on the March 13th, 1865.

Capt. Noah R. Parrish
6th Louisiana Infantry
Lt. Commander
John Hance O'steen Camp 0770

More Information... 6th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Deep Dive and recommended book (Amazon) Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers: A History Of The 6th Louisiana Volunteers

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